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Wonderful places of Peru

Wonderful places of Peru

Revisiting memories and photos, I feel like writing some letters and uploading new images from Peru. This is one of those trips that over time seems to be fading into memory, but when I rescue sensations, ideas, etc., I smile and continue to think that Peru is a wonderful country. I left many things pending for the next visit, but among those I saw I would like to highlight these wonderful places in Peru because it may help you to prepare your next trip. Whenever. 

Wonderful places of Peru + the gift of its people


I start by highlighting one of the places that, by least known, surprised me the most. If I had had more references, I think I would still have loved it, but the fact is that I did not have them, and therefore I had not formed many expectations. 

The Cordillera Blanca is one of the wonderful places in Peru that goes off the beaten track for tourism, and allows you to get closer to an even more genuine country.

The mountains or, as they are called there, “snowy” of this mountain range are tremendous. The height of some, which exceed 6,000 meters, help. But not only that, it is that they are pretty, pretty. For its morphology, the valleys, lakes, its own vegetation…. 

V-shaped valley with lake in the center in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru

Where is the P. Nacional de Huascarán? Northwest of Lima, very close to the city of Huaraz … or if you prefer, a day’s drive from Lima .

A specific place in the Cordillera Blanca? the Huascarán National Park , accessible from Huaraz . You can make one or several visits to this Park. Only the most popular route, passing through the Chinancocha and Cononcocha lagoons , is already worth a lot. 

huascaran national park

And where to sleep? Well, there is the option of Huaraz, and also the option of sleeping with the Humacchuco community, which is my favorite. Here I told you in detail . 

landscape of fields with two sheep with a lot of wool and in the background the huascaran peak full of snow with blue sky
woman from humacchuco community


If you cross the Cordillera Blanca, always to the east and slightly south from Huaraz, you will find Chavín de Huántar . This is a unique , quirky and worthwhile place if you like archeology.

Chavín de Huántar was, according to scientists, a first-rate pilgrimage center of a pre-Inca culture .

Chavin de Huantar stone wall with some columns in Peru
Dark corridor with stone stairs that go down to a rectangle of light from the outside in Chavín de Huántar one of the wonderful places of Peru

Observing the “nailed heads” found there, listening to the explanations about the esoteric rites of the priests, while you visit the underground galleries of the temples is, simply, impressive. 

stone head in the shape of a jaguar with eyes and fangs engraved on a stone wall of chavín de huántar


When we went to the Nazca or Nasca region with the aim of spotting the famous Nazca lines drawn in the desert, I confess that I was excited and suspicious. I am not to believe in mystical, esoteric theories, or whatever you want to call them, and as this site has given rise to many publications and theories in that line, well, that.

Still, she was curious and widely rewarded. The history of the Nazca lines is very interesting on a scientific level. The Nasca culture represented in its wonderful pottery too, and visiting the Chauchilla Mummy Cemetery is incredible. Anyway, I think he deserves his place in this post about wonderful places in Peru, yes. 


There are still condors in the Colca Canyon , although you will not always see them. It depends on whether there are a lot of people, if you arrive earlier … because they fly early in the morning. Whether you see them or not, don’t despair, because this natural setting is beautiful .

I would even tell you to go trekking next to its vertiginous walls, always with a guide so you don’t get lost or lose your way. And, of course, don’t miss its towns . 

colca canyon landscape with horizon full of mountains one of the wonderful places in Peru
two men with wide-brimmed hats sitting on a stone bench against a whitewashed wall in a colca canyon town


Traveling to Arequipa , and then to the Colca Canyon and Lake Titicaca, you will pass through the highlands. On the way to Cuzco, too.

Ports of more than 4,000 meters high, volcanoes, tremendous horizons, rock desert, names such as the Vilcanota Knot , herds of vicunas and llamas.

Wild and domestic life, road stops to drink an infusion of coca leaves and clean skies. You should not miss a minute of these crossings, and do it calmly because of altitude sickness  

altiplano landscape with curvy road and volcanoes in the background, with a light snow just fallen, one of the wonderful places in Peru
altiplano landscape with a group of vicuñas around a small lake and two volcanoes in the background one of the wonderful places in peru


Peru has archaeological sites everywhere , or almost all. Beyond the world-famous Machu Picchu, there are others more humble but as incredible and enigmatic as the most. This is the case of Sillustani, which means “something that slips”.

There are some towers of volcanic rock that are like little pyramids . And like these, it turns out that they were also burials. There is so much to find out about the past times … 

The site also looks out over a salt water lake that reflects the surrounding hills.

two ancient inverted cone shaped tombs made of stone in sillustani one of the wonderful places of peru


If you are looking for a perfect balcony to contemplate Lake Titicaca , in addition to finding it on islands like Taquile , you can also have it without taking a boat.

The Capachica Peninsula is perfect and you can also stay in the Llachón community and learn how they live there.

Don’t forget the tripod because on clear sky nights the spectacle of the Milky Way reflected in the water is brutal. Here I explain how to take photos of the stars , by the way. I did not take it for that night, convinced that it was going to rain and… it did, but later it cleared. Don’t see what rage, but when I remember, I close my eyes and I still see that beautiful scene. In the end it is what counts and I hope I never forget it. 

boatman pushing his boat with pole on lake titicaca one of the wonderful places of peru
three little girls in colorful wool hats and red skirts with flight on four plastic stools lined up on the shores of lake titicaca one of the wonderful places in peru


I will not be the one who does not include in a summary of wonderful places in Peru the Valley in capital letters. The goal par excellence of all tourists who travel to Peru is Machu Picchu (and it is no wonder), but to dedicate two days or more to this area, before arriving in Cuzco or later, believe me it is very worthwhile.

Inca constructions follow one another among peaceful towns. The Moray culture laboratory , the Maras salt flats or Chinchero on its market day are some of the surprises that await you. 

sacred valley of the incas moray
ollantaytambo mountain with Inca constructions
maras salt flats


I recommend that, if possible, you leave these two wonders for the end of your trip. You know, that’s why going “in crescendo”.

The one that was capital of the Inca Empire has to have its section in its own right, and it is worth that you reserve minimum, minimum, two days.

In Cuzco I began to understand who the Incas were , their importance, and how they are still present in the spirit of the Cuzqueños. I was impressed, and it is one of those places that I would not mind returning to the next time I visit Peru … because in reality this is only a small sample of what this great country has to offer. 

Cusco square
Cusco street where is the stone of the twelve angles

From Cuzco to Machu Picchu , passing through the Sacred Valley of the Incas, you arrive at the beginning of the jungle. This is a detail that I never had in my head and that I did not understand until I saw myself there, at the gates of that city that managed to keep hidden in the undergrowth for several centuries.

You have seen Machu Picchu hundreds of times in internet photos, documentaries and magazines. For years and years, so don’t expect it to surprise you. But yes. It is one of those places that leave you with your mouth open , it is wonderful, it is a joy. Even with many other people around. Machu Picchu is very much Machu Picchu. 

Machu Picchu ruins
plaza with ruins in machu picchu


They are not a place to visit, obviously.

They are the place, the soul and the spirit of this country . As for the visitor, the reception is wonderful . Peruvians are very kind, calm, polite. I did not have any negative expectations, far from it, but I did not know what to expect either, and the people of Peru enriched everything we saw from start to finish, and for this reason I include here this note of recognition.

To finish, I want to tell you that I hope you liked this mini-walk through some of the wonderful places in Peru. I leave you here the link to the official website of tourism in Peru where you can also rescue ideas and useful information, although I invite you to continue reading on this blog


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