Women’s football league started


    The JFA Cup, an occasion for under-14 women footballers, is being persisted the sector from November 3. Footballers who have done well within the tournament will get an opportunity at the BFF camp. Mahfuza Akhter Kiran, chairman of the women’s wing, said. He added that another age-based tournament would be organized together with UNICEF early next year. the beginning date of the women’s football league has been finalized on November 8.

    In the previous couple of years, Sanjida, Ankhi and Monikara have brought a cheerful moment within the football of the country. The red and green flag has flown on the worldwide stage. But various women’s tournaments are closed Corona one by one. because the situation improves, the tournaments are getting to see the sunshine again. There are several AFC tournaments next year. therefore the Football Federation has already started a women’s camp.

    The hope is that domestic football will start with a women’s tournament. The professional women’s league , which was closed Corona, are going to be persisted November 8. But before that, Mahfuza Akhter Kiran, the chairman of the women’s wing, has planned to arrange the age-based tournament JFA Cup.

    Mahfuza Akhter Kiran, chairman of the women’s wing of BFF, said, “I couldn’t do the age-based leagues I did in April due to Corona.” JAFO couldn’t . The girls’ league will start from November 8 in seven divisions.

    There will be another tournament at the start of next year. Age-based footballers will have the chance to prove themselves within the UNICEF Women’s League.

    The good news is that the eye-catching footballers in these two tournaments will get an opportunity at the BFF camp. Kiran also said that she is keeping an in depth eye on the fitness development of girls within the ongoing camp.

    Talent hunts are done through JAF, he said. He will have continuity. Coaches pick good footballers from there. Later training was arranged for them. it’ll continue again.

    Besides, the federation has several initiatives to form women’s football more popular.


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