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Trump son Have Corona?

Trump son Have Corona

Trump son Have Corona?

Baron O’Connor, the 14-year-old son folks President Donald Trump, was also positive, First Lady Melania Trump said.

Speaking on Wednesday, he added that his corona came negative within the next test. Melania Trump said the baron is now healthy. No other symptoms were seen.

Trump, meanwhile, spoke of the baron’s corona infection at an election rally in Iowa. He said the baron had corona for a brief time. However, he’s young at that age and his immunity is extremely strong. As a result, he has the strength to fight with Corona.

Referring to Baron’s recovery, Trump said people are being attacked and recovering. So schools within the us should open as soon as possible.

Earlier on October 2, news of President Trump and his wife Melania Trump’s corona infection came to light. After three days of treatment at Reed National Military Center, Trump returned to the White House.


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