The ‘young Radhe’ debate is over!


    The controversy over the song ‘Yubati Radhe’ ended with the argument of the law. And the ‘Advocate Lounge’ has put an end to the controversy. In an online chat last Saturday, the lawyers mentioned that the song ‘Yubati Radhe’ from Saralpur is completely new in terms of innovation. The Legal Voice Foundation is conducting regular eye awareness programs with legal experts.

    Barrister Ahmed Ehsanul Kabir, Advocate Saqlan Emon and Barrister Saleh Akram Samrat discussed on ‘Theory, Rights and Application of Copyright Law’ conducted by Supreme Court Advocate Barrister Gazi Farhad Raza. In this virtual discussion, in the context of a comment from the audience, the originality of the song ‘Yubati Radhe’ of Saralpur band and their copyright issue came up recently.

    In this regard, Supreme Court lawyer and legal researcher Advocate Saqlan Emon said, ‘I have heard something from a person named Simon Zakaria about the song. I think, although the song of Saralpur band is written from different lyric, it is a completely new song. Saralpur’s song about Radha Krishna’s love affair is completely like theirs. In this case, it is necessary to look at how the IPDC promoted it, whether it took permission or not. If you say now that this cannot be done, then the practice of science will narrow its path. ‘

    He further said, ‚ÄúSince this song is copyrighted in Bangladesh, if anyone wants to use it, he has to use it subject to copyright conditions. That means the song has to be used with the permission of Saralpur Band.