US voter information to Russia-Iran


    Iran and Russia have some US voter registration data, US officials have learned, consistent with US National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe. The international media BBC reported this information. Just 13 days before the US presidential election, the country’s national intelligence said such information.

    U.S. national intelligence officials say Iran has already sent mailed mail to voters threatening to influence the U.S. presidential election. U.S. national security officials say Iran is liable for sending threatening emails to Democratic voters.

    National Intelligence Director Ratcliffe said the emails seemed to come from a right-wing pro-Trump group. Sending emails to impress unrest.

    Ratcliffe said the disguised mails sent from Iran were sent under the name “Proud Boys.” The emails were originally intended to intimidate voters also as cause unrest and harm US President Donald Trump. Registration information may are wont to send fake information to registered voters. These emails were sent in an effort to make confusion among the voters.

    Addressing voters, Ratcliffe said if anyone receives intimidating or intrusive emails, don’t be intimidated or spread the mail. this is often a desperate attempt by the opposition to influence US voters.

    FBI Director Christopher Reo was present at the news conference with Ratcliffe. “The US election system remains secure and normal,” he said.

    U.S. intelligence officials didn’t provide details on how the U.S. voter information got into the hands of other countries and what Russia is doing with the knowledge .


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