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The last is the second movie of the heroine Dighi


Prayer Fardin Dighi. He started his film career as a toddler artist. Currently working as a heroine. Recently, the heroine Dighi’s second movie ‘Tumi As-Tumi Nei’ has ended.

Directed by Delwar Jahan Jhantu, the film stars Asif Imroz opposite Dighi. the entire work of various location movies of Pubail has been completed. the remainder may be a song scene. Dighi told Samay News that.

Dighi said, Ahladi is predicated on the romance of a woman , ‘You are-you are not’. On the screen, the viewer will see the girl’s romance and life struggle. For the primary time, Dighi said about the experience of working with talented producer Delwar Jahan Jhantu, ‘It is extremely good. he’s an exquisite man. he’s employed tons of fun and caresses me tons . ‘

Apart from Dighi-Asif, Subrata Chakraborty, Shabnam Parveen, Amit Hasan et al. have also acted within the movie. Meanwhile, Dighi’s first movie ‘Mung Bhai of Tungipara’ has been submitted for censorship. The new hero Shant Khan is opposite him. Besides, Dighi has quite one movie. He will make a politician announcement about them very soon.


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