The dream floated in the flood waters


    Although the waters of Muhuri and Kahua rivers have receded in Feni, crop lands are severely damaged. many ponds and fish ponds are washed away and farmers face financial losses. that’s why the locals are blaming the indifference of the water project Board. they need government incentives to show around.

    Deepak Biswas, who planted the golden crop with many dreams, has nothing to try to to but stare at the ruins in despair. Not only this farmer of North Daulatpur of Fulgazi, but also many farmers of Fulgazi are caught in a frenzy by the flood water ahead of their eyes.

    They are disappointed that such a golden crop is floating ahead of their eyes. Not only paddy but also many ponds and fish are washed away. Many rural paved, semi-paved roads have collapsed. there’s no thanks to occupy home.

    Locals said everything was floating ahead of their eyes. I couldn’t even harvest. The flood destroyed everything.

    According to the Fulgazi Agriculture Officer, about 110 hectares of transplanted aman paddy and eight hectares of winter vegetable fields in Fulgazi Sadar Union are submerged. but 10 percent of the farmers were ready to bring home , but the remainder are completely damaged. quite 600 farmers are affected. during this case, the difficulty of turning the farmers around is counting on the government’s incentives.

    The Fisheries Department is functioning to live the damage, said the Upazila Fisheries Officer.


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