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The 700 MHz bands already have owners: the 5G auction that will allow these networks to be extended in Spain concludes


5G networks will quickly be extra current than ever in Spain. The public sale that lastly began a couple of days in the past has ended at present with the offers Of nails Telefónica, Vodafone and Orange which have taken over the out there concessions.

Orange is particularly notable for having extra spectrum than its rivals, however each Movistar and Vodafone may also have blocks for the future deployment of those networks in our nation.

Telefónica should speed up extra within the deployment

These answerable for Orange They indicated of their official assertion how the operator turned the one with essentially the most spectrum in precedence frequencies for 5G: has achieved 2×10 MHz of spectrum within the 700 MHz band, which be part of the 110 MHz within the 3.5 GHz band that it had already acquired. In whole, it has invested 523 million euros for the acquisition of those frequencies.


Telefónica has obtained 20 MHz of spectrum within the 700 MHz frequency band: his 2×10 MHz block has price him 310.09 million euros. As within the case of Orange, Telefónica additionally already had 100 MHz within the 3.5 GHz band.

Millimeter band (mmWave): what is it and why is 5G as fast as the fiber optics that the operators have promised us

On Vodafone have additionally been made with a 2×10 MHz block within the 700 MHz band, and so they have paid 350 million euros. It already had 90 MHz within the 3.5 GHz band, and subsequently it’s the one with the least spectrum of the three rivals.

Telefónica should adjust to the requirement of supply 5G protection to all municipalities with greater than 20,000 inhabitants earlier than June 2025. On this deployment plan, it is going to be obligatory for protection to succeed in 30% of those populations by December 31, 2022, and by June 30, 2024, that proportion should have risen to 70%.

The deployment commitments for Orange Y Vodafone they won’t be so demanding, since they’ll solely be obliged to supply 5G in all populations of 50,000 inhabitants in 2025, though nothing will stop them from doing so extra shortly. Nevertheless, resulting from decrease preliminary dedication, these operators have ended up paying extra for a similar quantity of spectrum.


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