Tanjin Tisha protested against the humiliation of Muhammad (pbuh)


    In France, Muslims round the world protested against the insult to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Many have strongly condemned the incident. The country’s capital market collapsed in protest of the announcement of a boycott of French goods.

    Muslims have also protested from Bangladesh. Showbiz stars weren’t overlooked either.

    Popular small screen actress Tanjin Tisha protested the incident on Sunday (November 1) through her verified Facebook status. He wrote-

    “Those folks who are children of the Muslim family, have loved a person since we felt Muslim, he’s our beloved Prophet and Messenger Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). I don’t believe that anyone who has been given the very best honor and dignity by Allah Himself can diminish his honor and dignity within the slightest. Through this post, I protest against satire, ridicule and every one sorts of propaganda and lies about the Prophet Karim (peace be upon him) everywhere the planet . ”

    The actress agrees with this post and her fans are praising her. the amount of views and likes of that post is gradually increasing.

    Earlier, on Saturday (October 31), actress Nusrat Faria protested by discard an upscale French brand watch. He also involved a boycott of French products together with his Facebook status.


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