Sweet potatoes on the balcony


    Heroine Jaya Ahsan features a small garden on her balcony. There he cultivates various vegetables. This time, Jaya shared a video clip of growing sweet potatoes on social media for the fans.

    He shared the video on social media. The ‘Vijaya’ actress released some video clips on Thursday. It are often seen there digging the soil together with his own hands and picking sweet potatoes. The caption reads, Harvesting early within the morning, from my balcony.

    Cleopatra was seen eating that potato. Jaya also took part from him. Seeing that, many of us joked within the comment room. consistent with some, Cleopatra likes to eat sweet potatoes.

    The heroine is usually conscious of animal rights. He also took to the streets recently to protest the town corporation’s decision to kill the dog. He also fed the road dogs during the coronation period.


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