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Studying English in Brighton

Studying English in Brighton

Studying English in Brighton!

Love is the only language that I speak fluently . Among so many graffiti that decorate the streets of Brighton, this was one of the ones that caught my attention the most. How difficult it is to speak and master a language that is not yours, although everything can be achieved with dedication … and love. And Brighton was one more stop on my way to learn English .

As a brief introduction, I will tell you that in the last few months I have been doing different English courses in Malta and England, and Brighton has been one of the venues. And is that this city in the south of England is one of the most popular destinations in the country for this practice . Its youthful and relaxed atmosphere and its enormous leisure offer in so little space make it irresistible. There I was again with Sprachcaffe, with whom I have been able to enjoy four language courses abroad. Whoever tries, repeats.

Sprachcaffe – Language courses abroad

In case you still do not know this brand, I will tell you that, when it comes to language courses abroad, Sprachcaffe is one of the most advanced companies . More than 30 years this brand has been offering language training around the world. At present, with them it is possible to study 7 different languages ​​in dozens of countries. Do you remember the Arabic course I did in Morocco?

Although it is an organization with German roots, how could it be otherwise, Sprachcaffe has bet strongly on the teaching of English , and there are several destinations in which it is possible to train: Canada, the United States, Malta and England. Within England, the school offers two exceptional locations: London and Brighton. I’ll talk to you about the British capital in a few days, but for now I’m opening your mouth with Brighton.

Learn English in Brighton

Brighton, the city with the most personality in England. Okay, I haven’t traveled much in England. Okay, I still came up with the nickname. But, having seen what I have seen, I would dare to say that Brighton is one of the most charismatic cities in the British country.

It goes without saying that London, its capital, is a unique and inimitable city, but Brighton, even though it is infinitely smaller than its neighbor, exudes style on all four sides. Its size, which is perfectly accessible on foot, makes it an interesting option for learning English. As soon as you like to walk, you will realize that in less than 30 minutes you can reach any of its points of interest.

The environment that makes it up also helps a lot, a perfect mix of people from all over the world with very open minds and eager to have fun . It will be easy for you to find people with whom to practice your English. Do not forget that there are many who choose it for that same reason.

The Sprachcaffe school in Brighton

And where will you spend your days if you choose to study English in Brighton ? Your classes could last between 3 and 5 hours a day depending on the type of course you choose, except for private lessons that are already adapted a little to your conditions.

To fit into the right group, the first thing you will do when you get to school (or the week before online) is a placement test, which will determine the right group for you. This test can be written or oral, it depends on the number of people you enter with.

Once “classified”, you will start your classes with up to 12 people (in my case we were only 5, it depends on the time of year in which you study), where you will be doing a weekly lesson connected to a chapter of the bedside book. Of course, although the book is a guide and the main support material, the talks, debates and various games will be interspersed in the development of the classes, so sometimes you will learn almost without knowing it.

Depending on the level you are at (in my case it was a B2), you will end the weeks doing a small test with which to try to settle everything you have learned . Don’t worry because the exam is more of a guide for you than it is for the academy. I take this point to comment that, if at any time you feel that you are not at the right level (above or below), you can talk to the team to be relocated. By the way, have you considered taking a sabbatical year to study English ?

Beyond classes, Brighton School has a kitchen and common room , the ideal place to continue meeting your fellow battlers outside of the classroom. Some events are organized there, such as games, watching movies or cooking classes, such as the one I was able to enjoy at the hands of some Thai colleagues.

Where to stay in Brighton with Sprachcaffe

Although you can manage it on your own, Sprachcaffe also offers you its own accommodations ranging from the homes of locals to the West Beach Hotel residence . The first option is perfect to continue improving your English skills beyond classes. The second option is preferable if you are looking for more privacy in your free hours.

Although you can manage them on your own , in both you can include food service (up to full board). The hotel does not have its own restaurant outside of the summer season, so meals will be taken at The Regency , a mythical place one minute away. Delicious!

Things to do in Brighton

As I mentioned, despite not being a very big city, in Brighton you have a lot to see . In fact, during the time I was there (May 2019), I was surprised to see how, week in and week out, festivals and concerts piled up in the streets and gambling dens of Brighton . So you will not miss what to do when you finish the classes.


I’d be lying if I told you that Brighton is a city steeped in history and tourist attractions. Now, it would not be fair to say otherwise. The Royal Pavilion, the Pier, the Marina, British Airway i360 or its museums are some of the stops that you could include in any stay in Brighton. They are all beautiful, all are worth it and all are within your reach.


As I already mentioned, Brighton is a city with a lot of “vibes”, so the cultural plans are very guaranteed : concerts, festivals, theater, cinemas… If you get bored in Brighton it is because you want to.

In this sense, few spaces reflect the essence of Brighton as well as ‘The Lanes’, Brighton’s liveliest neighborhood .

Wherever you go, you are sure to find something to do.


In a city with such a good atmosphere, it is not surprising that nights have a life of their own. And as such, whether you’re a party lover or not, I encourage you to give it a try. From pubs with live music to discotheques with international hits passing through gay clubs (it is the gay capital of the United Kingdom ). All types of parties are collected in Brighton and almost any day, so do not leave without tasting it.


England may not be world-renowned for its food, but I have to admit that I personally enjoyed the vast array of cuisine in Brighton . And, especially in the most central part of the city, it s and restaurants are dozens to find a side to side, each offering dishes from anywhere in the world. And, although local establishments predominate, you will see how easy it is to try international food.


Ok, if you are used to the typical Spanish beach then Brighton may not meet your expectations. And the fact is, the sand in this place is shaped like a pebble, so lying down “to the bartola” is not so comfortable Now, the British love Brighton beach, so you don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy of its coast and its waters.


That you are in England! So don’t get lazy and take advantage of the fantastic (and expensive) British transport system to get out there beyond Brighton . Seven Sisters, Lewis, Rye or London itself are some of the plans that this city offers you without deviating too much.

Study English in Brighton or London?

Although I will soon make a detailed guide to my experience in London, for now, if you are doubting between these two destinations, I will tell you that at an academic level it is very similar, so I would encourage you to make the decision by virtue of the type of cities in which that feels more comfortable to you . You only have to compare the 200,000 inhabitants of Brighton with the more than 8 million in London to realize the magnitude of them. In case it helps you, here I leave you a discount code of 25 euros per week (up to 400 euros) if you hire accommodation and they are the course.

That said, I end my experience studying English in Brighton here. As always, I put the comments at your disposal in case you need more information or any other topic that you would like to talk about. It is clear that improving our level of English is essential to function in this modern world and cities like Brighton make this experience unforgettable. Don’t miss your chance.


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