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Study English in London

Study English in London!

I recognize that big cities cost me and everyday landscapes or small towns attract me more. And that, for this reason, it gave me a bit of vertigo to face the capital of England. However, it did not take long for this city to show me all its virtues and convince me that I was wrong. This was my experience of studying English in London.

Before getting into flour, a comment that London was the third and last stop on my language trip through Europe with Sprachcaffe. After a month between Malta and Brighton (England), the final stage of this Anglo-adventure would take me to the British capital.

Studying English in London with Sprachcaffe!

So is. Once again, it would be Sprachcaffe who would give me a new opportunity to reinforce my level of English abroad. And this time it would be in London, one of the most attractive capitals in the world . Almost nothing.

It is precisely this appeal that makes many decide to study English in London , so it is not surprising that this is a busy school .

The first thing you will do when you enter the academy is a test (if you have not done it online), according to which you will be grouped into one level or another. Don’t worry, if at any time you feel that it is not the right one, you can request the change. Once inside, each week you will develop one or two themes of the book in question (they lend / sell it to you when you join), around which you will learn grammar and vocabulary. Although above all, s peaking (conversation) will be the most important part of your studies.

Classes are from Monday to Friday and can be in the morning or afternoon. The standard course is 3 hours a day, although there are different options adapted for each student . Here I leave you the possibilities offered by the academy.

Among the basic rules of the school are punctuality, only speaking English inside the academy and not using mobile phones or digital translators in classes: only dictionaries.

Beyond the classrooms, the academy also has a social room (with ping-pong table included) and a small library. The best place to build relationships.

Sprachcaffe’s accommodation in London

Although as you can imagine, the accommodation options in London are endless, Sprachcaffe’s own school offers accommodation to students , which makes things quite easy. If you want to live immersion to the fullest, know that it is possible to sleep in the home of a local family, which will guarantee you to continue learning English outside the classroom as well. Although I did not do it this way this time, several of my colleagues did, and all were very satisfied with their hosts.

In my case, I lived the experience from the apartments that the school offers (a minute’s walk away), where you will live with other students, but never of the same nationality or language. There you can reserve a private room or share it depending on your budget.

The apartment also has a bathroom (separate shower and toilet) and a well-equipped kitchen , so you can prepare your own food.

The school is in Ealing , a West London neighborhood with a little bit of everything. Despite being on the “outskirts” (zone 3), Ealing is a small city in itself, so in terms of services you will not miss anything. And if not, in 40 minutes by metro you are in the center.

Sprachcaffe – Study Languages ​​Abroad

Although with the information I have given you, you can already know a little how Sprachcaffe works , just note that it is a language school of German origin specialized in courses abroad .

Although with them you can learn up to seven languages ​​in dozens of countries , English is one of their jewels so keep it in mind if you are interested. The United States, Canada, England and Malta are the countries where they offer it. After four experiences in three different countries with them, I can guarantee you that it is a very professional company. You’re in good hands.

What you do have to be clear about is that, as expected, it is not the same to study English in a place the size of London than to do it in Brighton or Malta. Logically, the logistics in the capital is much more complex, but the possibilities and attractions that it offers are also much greater . In case it helps you, here I leave you a discount code of 25 euros per week (up to 400 euros) if you hire accommodation and they are the course.

What to do in London

If you finally choose London as a destination to learn English, you will be interested in knowing how to take advantage of your days there. So that you can make a composition of place, tell you that more than 8 million people live in the capital of England, a figure that reaches up to 13 if you take into account its metropolitan area. One of the great charms of this city is that the tourist interest is not only a question of the center, but that every corner has something to see.

London classics

Any self-respecting route through London should not overlook its star places, those that capture a good part of the city’s photographs. Most are located in what is known as the Westminster area . There you will find Big Ben and the Parliament (both under construction), Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Soho and Piccadilly Circus … Nearby is St. Paul’s Cathedral, the mythical bridge of the tower… and a long list of wonderful monuments.

London neighborhoods

I may come to the fore if I tell you that all London neighborhoods have something to offer , but I really believe it! In addition to Westminster, I could tell you about Notting Hill, Camden Town, Greenwich, Chelsea … These are just some of the best known, but there are many and (almost) all are worth it.

London parks

If I liked something about London, it is that, despite its size and urban development, it has a lot of space for nature. London’s parks number in the dozens , and there are almost any size and shape. Hyde Park is one of the most famous, but it is only one of dozens.

The bank of the Thames

You cannot understand London without the Thames, and the Thames without London. And it is that the British capital lives by and for its river, and few plans I enjoyed more than that of kicking aimlessly along the banks of the Thames . There you can go where you want to go because, I assure you, this path never ends.

Cultural plans

London oozes culture in every corner, a culture that can manifest itself in 1001 different ways : theater, cinema, concerts, festivals… So don’t forget to take advantage of your stay to learn English in London by also soaking up that offer. Special mention should be made of the city’s museums, many of them free.


I’m not very fond of going shopping , but I know that many of you like it, so I can’t stop recommending it. It is understood that in a capital of this size they have their best brand stores from anywhere in the world , although do not forget their most legendary markets such as Camden Town or Nothing Hill.

Go out to discover the surroundings

Although the London city is immense and has plans to give and take, do not miss the opportunity to get to know other cities and places in the surroundings . Oxford, Canterbury, Bath, Salisbury, Brighton … and many other destinations are just a stone’s throw from London. Above all, if you make use of the “very fast” train system in England.

Study English in London, Brighton … or Malta?

If after this article you are still not sure if you want to study English abroad and / or where you want to do it, let me insist. First of all, let me tell you that my language journey has been an excellent support in my language curriculum , so I highly recommend it. In the second I would tell you to think carefully about the destination that best suits you.

Of the three that I have tried, Malta seems like a good option for those who want to improve their level while enjoying the relaxed life of the island and its party atmosphere. Brighton, for its part, is a more cultural and relaxed option, with fewer distractions, although it is an extremely interesting city. Finally, London is a unique opportunity to study while enjoying one of the most stimulating cities in the world. If you are concerned about money, then clearly Malta is your option, since England is a country much more expensive than the Mediterranean island. But whatever you choose, I’m sure you are going to enjoy it .

And here I leave it for today. After almost two months studying English in Europe, I can only thank, once again, Sprachcaffe for giving me this opportunity. Learning a language is also learning to enjoy it and I, of course, have really enjoyed it. Who else signs up?


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