Sravanti is not living with her third husband!


    After an extended time, Tollywood actress Sravanti Chatterjee made headlines. Not in any excellent news , his name has are available the news within the news of ending the family. Sravanti and her third husband Roshan Singh are rumored to be in Tolipara.

    According to a number one media source in Kolkata, Sravanti’s third family goes to interrupt up. The news had spread in Tolipara just before the puja. Sravanti and Roshan haven’t been living under an equivalent roof for an extended time. The actress has also removed some pictures of Roshan from Instagram.

    And the water has become turbid therein . Sravanti didn’t open her mouth about the difficulty within the media. However, Roshan spoke. He has admitted to not be together. He mentioned the connection with Sravanti as a ‘past relationship’. Meanwhile, is there a replacement love peeking in Sravanti’s life? Such an issue is additionally revolving within the sky of Tolipara.

    Sravanti Chatterjee started her acting career in 1997. She married director Rajiv Biswas in 2003 at the age of 18. They even have a son named Oyster. But thanks to the deterioration of the connection , the couple separated in 2016. Later within the same year, the actress married a model named Krishan Biraj. the planet didn’t last. A year later he walked the trail of separation. Later, on April 19, 2019, she married Roshan Singh of Punjab. Sravanti got married for the third time secretly . this point his tug of war has started with Roshan Singh.


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