Sravanti discusses the boy’s post again


    On an equivalent day, Tollywood actress Sravanti Chatterjee came to debate the news of ending the third family. Sravanti also made headlines within the two Bengali media. Talks of ending his family haven’t stopped yet. this point Sravanti’s son Abhimanyu Chatterjee added fuel to the hearth .

    Abhimanyu shared a really old picture together with his mother on his Instagram. The caption reads, ‘Something big is coming’. A surprise emoji with him. during this post of Sravanti’s 18-year-old son, the Tollywood beauty is discussed again. What’s so significant a few goat’s head? ” Fans think that such an issue is revolving around.

    Abhimanyu’s post has made netizens very worried. they’re making various comments on the post. it’s known that Sravanti’s son studied abroad. he’s also very curious about music. Many in Tolipara think that perhaps the boy will do a replacement musical project together with his mother.

    But what’s the matter? If you would like to understand that, you’ve got to attend a couple of more days. Meanwhile, netizens are expecting mother-son surprises. Note that Abhimanyu is that the son of Sravanti’s first family. His nickname is Oyster.


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