Soumitra is responding to the call


    Actor Soumitra Chatterjee’s fitness has further improved. he’s responding (reflex response). he’s also responding to the voice. He also opened his eyes on Thursday (November 5). The doctors think that the change within the condition of the actor is positive enough.

    This information was given during a report of Indian media Anandabazar on Thursday (November 5).

    “The situation has improved a touch ,” said Arindam Kar, a doctor at Bellevue home in Anandabazar. Soumitra’s awareness has increased quite before. Awareness ranges from 10 to 11 (on the Glasgow Coma Scale Index). Spontaneously opening eyes. He has urinated like 1 liter. Dialysis goes on a day . ‘

    Soumitra’s blood creatinine and urea levels try to return to normal at the instant . The doctor added, ‘Hopefully soon his kidney function will return to normal. therein case, dialysis will not be required. The infection has also improved tons . there’s no fever within the body. Anemia is stable. No blood was given today. Antibiotics are going to be discontinued within the next few days.

    Soumitra Chatterjee’s condition has reportedly improved from what he was every week ago. However, at the age of 65, he has been with comorbidity for an extended month. the strain of critical care support is on him again. So Soumitra Chatterjee’s body has become weak. He has overcome tons of crisis. However, raising his level of awareness is now the most goal, said doctor Arindam Kar.

    Expert advice are going to be sought on whether Soumitra are often brought out of ventilation with expert advice. Nephrologists will make the ultimate decision on plasma therapy on Friday (November 8).


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