Sanjay and Madhuri together after 25 years


    Sanjay Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit shared the screen in ‘Raja’. The romantic movie was released in Bollywood in 1995. The movie was an enormous success after its release. ‘Raja’ became the milestone of Sanjay’s life.

    This time Sanjay and Madhuri are getting to close again. they will be seen during a series on Netflix. Although they didn’t open their mouths about it. However, consistent with Indian media sources, they’re going to be seen during a series titled ‘Actress’. Shri Rao is directing the series produced by Karan Johar. ‘Actress’ are going to be made into a suspense-drama story. Madhuri are going to be seen within the role of somebody . And Sanjay is a crucial character.

    On his way back to figure , the actor told the Indian media, ‘This year is gloomy for everybody . But I’m happy to be back on set. i’m shooting with the required protection in accordance with the health rules.

    It is known that the shooting of this series has started way back . The shooting stopped in March thanks to Corona. Sanjay has taken part within the shooting since last October.