Parveen snatched lakhs of rupees from


    Sometimes a magistrate, sometimes an assistant director of a consumer rights organization, sometimes a top government official. during this way, a fraudster named Parveen Akhtar has taken lakhs of rupees from the folk of Chittagong under various false identities. However, his last wasn’t saved. Finally, after being arrested by the RAB, various misdeeds of Parveen Akhtar are beginning .

    According to the RAB, Parveen Akhtar has traveled round the city and district in various guises over the past decade. He also wont to run fake mobile courts with Sang-Pangs by sticking stickers within the microbus. Recently, a project worth Tk 6.5 crore was submitted to the govt on his behalf. And thus internet of deception spread among the folk . And during this way he has taken lakhs of rupees.

    Parveen has opened a corporation called Recognition and picked up Rs 20,000 from each of the many customers. Customers didn’t get their deposits back year after year.

    Complaint after complaint was lodged with the RAB. Accused Parveen Akhter was arrested during a raid on Saturday night. Various tools of cheating recovered. Check books of 13 banks were found in Parveen Akhtar’s dormitory.

    Radhab officer said. Tareq said he tried to urge grants from the govt by showing various imaginary projects.

    A case has been filed against the accused Parveen Akhtar at Pahartali police headquarters after the RAB arrested him.


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