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Presentation of the trip to Malta

Presentation of the trip to Malta

Presentation of the trip to Malta!

Novelty! For the first time in the history of Nothing Included, I have not had time to present a trip before starting it. And it is that at the time of writing these words, I am on a plane heading to my next destination, more sleepy than a basket of kittens and with more load on my back than a Costalero in Seville. But as much as travel now enters my life without knocking on the door, I do not want to lose those customs that I enjoy so much. So here it is, I present it to you : I’m going on a trip to Malta and England.

On a trip yet? But you still haven’t told me almost anything about Indonesia . Indeed, I have not done it, and I still have nothing clear when I will be able to do it. But it is that less than a month have separated these two great trips, so, no matter how hard I have put it, it has been impossible for me to generate content. But I can promise and I promise that, sooner rather than later, I will tell you about Indonesia in great detail .

The origin of this trip!

But going back to what has brought us together here, as I said, I am on a plane bound for Malta, the first stop on this peculiar European tour . Malta and England? Why do you put those two destinations on the same trip? Well, for you to understand it better, you will have to return with me to Morocco .

Patience, I have not gone crazy. Although it may not seem like it, it all makes sense. If you are a frequent visitor to this blog, surely you remember that on a day like today a year ago I was rushing my last moments in Morocco , a country where I went to do an Arabic course courtesy of the Sprachcaffe school .

Well, although I don’t think I was the best student in the class, that same academy wanted to be part of my traveling adventures again and proposed a language and audiovisual trip to some of its English teaching schools . And as someone who writes never finds a trip bitter, even with a belly full of ” noddles “, I have already set out to hunt for ” fish and chips “.

A new walk that will last until the end of May and in which English will be the common thread. A language that I speak decently enough, but that I want to develop a little with this linguistic immersion abroad. Ah, but… is English spoken in Malta?

Judging from this video, it might seem that it is not his strong suit, but the reality is that, along with Maltese, English is the co-official language of the country . Do not forget that this nation was part of the British colony for a century and a half, from which it became independent in the 60s (although they continue to drive on the left).

If you add to that that it is a small island (316 square kilometers), which has good weather, good prices, some tourist spots and a suggestive leisure offer, you will understand why there are so many English academies installed on the island .

Curiously, this was the destination chosen for my final degree in 2011. Now I will have two more weeks of English course in Malta to update my memories (I promise to rescue some old photos).


Where I have not been in any of its ways is in England, one of many countries in “expensive” Europe that I have not yet found the time to visit. It seems that in the end the United Kingdom has found me , so I just have to enjoy and be surprised by what it has to teach me.

Obviously, with an intensive English course in between, I will not be able to do a very complete route through the British country , but I will try to make the most of the academic stays that I already have closed. An English course in Brighton …

On the one hand, because an English course of this caliber can help me establish knowledge . And, although I use this language daily, I have not received proper training since my first years of university, so this update is going to come in handy.

On the other hand, because I am very excited that a company of the stature of Sprachcaffe wants to bet on my work again . Recognitions like this encourage you to think that you are on the right path, even if this path is more demanding every day.

With the trip presented and my intentions presented, I can only thank you (thank you) for continuing to make this project grow. It seems that in recent months what I have been sowing for so long has started to flourish, and now I just want to be up to the task. There is no use reaching the top of the mountain if you don’t know how to get down from there later. Malta and England seem like two interesting peaks. Shall we upload them together?


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