Nobel is bringing ‘acting’


    The popular Mainur Ahsan Nobel through the favored reality show Saregamapa competition in India is currently more talked about thanks to his various comments. But this point Nobel is trying to consider the song.

    A few days ago, he finished recording a replacement song titled ‘Abhinaya’. The song is written by Ahmed Rizvi and therefore the melody and music are directed by Ahmed Humayun. Nobel will release 22 new songs under the banner of Soundtech. this is often one among them. it’s learned that Nobel has signed an agreement with the assembly company during this regard.

    According to Soundtech sources, the song titled ‘Abhinaya’ are going to be released on November 8, Nobel’s birthday.

    Noble will release a 2 to three minute video message a couple of days before the discharge of his new song. He will mention various problems with his past days there.

    On June 7 this year, Nobel released a song titled ‘Tamasha’. during a few months, he’s coming with ‘acting’.


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