Kohli’s video of Anushka saying ‘Khayecho’ is viral


    RCB captain Virat Kohli was busy within the team meeting in his practice jersey before the beginning of the match against Chennai Super Kings. From there, he asked his wife Anushka Sharma, who was sitting within the gallery, if Anushka had eaten. Anushka responded by showing Thomas up.

    Before the beginning of the IPL, India captain and RCB captain Virat Kohli announced on social media that new members are coming to the family at the start of the New Year .

    It is clear from this video what proportion Virat Kohli cares for his child-bearing wife Anushka.

    In the middle of the practice, Virat Kohli pointed to Anushka who was sitting within the gallery and asked, “Have you eaten?” Responsible Virat Kohli. This video of his love for his wife has touched the mind within the net world.


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