Human chain of polytechnic students in Narsingdi


    Polytechnic students in Narsingdi have organized a person’s chain program to demand auto-promotion of scholars of all sessions altogether sessions of Diploma Engineering courses.

    The human chain program was held ahead of Narsingdi Press Club on Wednesday (October 28) at 10 am.

    Students of Narsingdi Weaving Education and Training Institute, Narsingdi Government and personal Polytechnic took part in it.

    At this point , the scholars demanded that the ultimate viva final and results of the autopromotion of all the years and therefore the candidates of the eighth phase should be published soon.

    The students said that we are losing one year thanks to Corona epidemic. We don’t want to experiment with health risks in Corona. Education Minister. we would like a fast decision on our application to Dipu Moni.

    Besides, the scholars demanded to require immediate steps to enhance the standard of technical education.


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