HP cricketers in practice


    For the primary time, the cricketers of the hyperperformance unit have practiced within the sort of a match. the primary edition of the President’s Cup didn’t go well for young World Cup winning cricketer Pervez Hossain Emon. The wicketkeeper-batsman wants to correct the error and had best within the Bangabandhu T20 Cup ranging from November 15. Emon sees this event as an enormous stage to prove themselves.

    A different mood in Mirpur since morning. The cricketers of the hyperperformance unit are busy preparing themselves for the training camp. Guru Toby Radford joined the disciples. For the primary time, the cricketers have practiced within the sort of a match. Everyone wanted to win. Despite the stage of preparation, the Afif-Emonra were busy proving themselves to the coach.

    Coach Radford is that specialize in creating Test cricketers for the national team. Ireland ‘A’ team will come to Bangladesh in February. beat all busy schedule ahead. So Afif Emonra doesn’t want to possess any shortage in preparation. The President’s Cup didn’t go down well with this young World Cup winning cricketer. Nazmul couldn’t become the XI to spread the sunshine . So this wicketkeeper batsman is more focused on the practice of HP team.

    Cricketer Parvez Hossain Emon said, “I am emphasizing on the mistakes that were made earlier. i will be able to attempt to play well by correcting them. ‘

    Bangabandhu T20 Cup cricket is ranging from November 15. Emon’s goal is to forget the failure of the President’s Cup and switch around during this event.

    The practice camp of the hyperperformance unit will endways November 12.


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