DC college student ‘Pushpa’ in Bogra one day


    Pushpa Khatun, a fourth-year student at the govt polytechnic in Bogra and district president of the NCTF, performed the ‘symbolic duty’ of being the deputy commissioner of Bogra district for one hour. Pushpa Khatun symbolically took over the responsibility from Deputy Commissioner Ziaul Haque. At this point he was greeted with flowers.

    Pushpa Khatun, a university student, has been appointed because the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Bogra for one hour. She was given the deputy commissioner’s office within the office of the deputy commissioner on Wednesday (October 27th) by the National Children’s Task Force (NCTF) under the ‘Girls Takeover’ program together with development agency Plan International.

    While serving because the iconic DC, Pushpa Khatun made recommendations to create Bogra as a child-friendly district, reduce the speed of kid marriage to zero, stop all sorts of violence against children and ensure their participation in various important activities at the district level.

    Expressing satisfaction, Bogra Deputy Commissioner Ziaul Haque called upon all the youngsters to get older free-spirited through the children’s representative Pushpa and prepare to steer within the future by achieving the very best positions within the country.


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