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Amit Hasan’s question, who is this emerald Chowdhury?

Amit Hasan's question

The death anniversary of the late hero of the Bengali film Manna is going to be on 16th February. On the occasion of today, an individual named Panna Chowdhury, a so-called Manna devotee has announced to collect members of Manna Foundation and organize Milad Mahfil. He said that Shelly Manna, wife of Nayak Manna, and Amit Hasan are going to be present at the event. But both Manna’s wife and Amit Hasan told Time News that they didn’t know anything about it.

Amit Hasan said, who is that this emerald Chowdhury? I do not know him. I also told Bhabi about it. She doesn’t know him. Besides, Panna Chowdhury has posted Manna fans on Facebook fan pages and groups to gather members albeit she isn’t a member of the Manna Foundation committee; Which is unjust and deceptive. i will be able to tell that person to remain faraway from these deceptions.

“I do not know this person,” she told Time News when contacted by Shelley Manna, wife of the late actor. He has no contact or relationship with us. he’s not even a member of the inspiration.

Addressing Manna fans, Shelley Manna said, “I would really like to request those of you who are Manna devotees to not be influenced by anyone’s words.” All the activities of Manna will always get updates from Kritanjil movie’s Facebook page ‘Kritanjali’ and Facebook group ‘Manna Official’.

The production company Kritanjali Films has informed that those involved in such matters are being warned. If they’re not careful then the action is going to be taken against them.

When contacted by Panna Chowdhury about the matter, he said, he came to Elenga in Tangail on February 18, you’ll know.

Incidentally, on January 25, Panna Chowdhury gave the status of organizing a Milad mahfil including collecting mobile numbers of the fans by talking about the gathering of members of the Manna Foundation in several groups of films including the late Manna Fan Club.


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