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Agadir Holiday city Morocco

Agadir Holiday city Morocco!

Traveling and writing about it is a responsibility. Criticizing a destination because you didn’t like it can cause someone to remove it from your list, and vice versa. That is why I am going to talk about Agadir in the most neutral way possible because although I am not passionate about vacation cities, I am sure that this is what many are looking for. Because there is a tourist for each place, and there is a place for each tourist. And Agadir has its audience.

The last time we spoke, I told you about my getaway to Chefchaouen , that picturesque city in northern Morocco where every corner is tinged with blue. From Chefchaouen I returned to Rabat, where I successfully finished my basic Arabic course …

… And, after closing the suitcase and managing a few farewells, I launched into my backpacking adventure in Morocco at once . First stop: Agadir.

How to get to Agadir

To put you in a position, Agadir is one of the largest and most important cities in southern Morocco , which is why it is usually a reference on many tourist routes.

As a large and well-known city, there are many options to get there , even having an airport. But if you plan to go by land, you will surely have to do it via Marrakech and always by bus (unless you have in mind to rent a car).

Although you can go to Marrakesh by train from many points on the map, there is no railway route between Marrakesh and Agadir, so the bus will be the only option . The truth is that Morocco’s transport system is more than acceptable, and there are usually good roads between important towns. The train is generally more comfortable, but if you want or have to take a bus like in this case, there are companies like CMT and Supratour specially designed for tourists.

The difference in price between a “local” bus and that of these companies is not much , and I would dare to say that it is not of quality either, but it will save you a lot of time because they are much more direct. For this reason I took a bus directly from Rabat to Agadir. As there is a distance of more than 600 kilometers between both cities, I made the trip on a night bus (about 7 hours) and, although I didn’t get much sleep, the trip passed quickly. Early in the morning I was in Agadir, and by taxi I went to my home.

Where to sleep in Agadir

Agadir is one of those cities where summer resides almost permanently, making it one of the most famous coastal destinations in Morocco . For this reason, the accommodation offer is wide and varied. Here are some recommendations:

  • As always, AirBnb is a good option to find accommodation. If you don’t have an account yet, here is an invitation with a gift.
  • A cheap option for couples is the Yasmina residence, where you can sleep for 25 euros in a private apartment.
  • If you are looking for something of category, € 60 costs a double room at the Timoulay and Spa Hotel, rated more than 8 on Booking.
  • In my case I stayed at Hotel Mogador Al Madina, a very pleasant four-star hotel with its swimming pool and other services for well-to-do tourists.

Wait a minute, but what does a backpacker like you do on your site like this? Well, this has an explanation and it is that, during a good part of my trip through Morocco, I am collaborating audiovisual for the Central booking company , so they are taking special care of me in this regard. Here I leave the video that I prepared for this company on what to see in Agadir.

What to see in Agadir

After recharging the batteries (mine, not the camera), I went out in the middle of the morning to walk around Agadir, and try to discover why so many tourists make one or two stops in this city on the Moroccan coast. And the truth, it took me very little to find out.

Agadir beach

That’s right, friends. The main (and almost only) reason why Agadir is a tourist destination is because of its beach …

… And for all that this entails.

Agadir has good weather almost all year round, and an immense beach that Westerners like so much: smooth sand and calm sea .

A beach very similar to the one you could find on the Spanish coast , with its hammocks, its umbrellas, its apartments and its promenades.

A beach where foreign tourism mixes with local … and with many football games . At the end of the afternoon that piece of sand and sea seemed like a sports city.

The marine

And that it would be from a famous maritime town without its glamorous port …

… where the wealthy park their smaller or smaller boats …

Agadir Port (Morocco)

… and take advantage to burn the card in stores with a certain cache . It is not that we are in Marbella, but I was personally surprised to find such a port in Morocco . Another prejudice removed from my head.

Those of you who are frequent visitors to this blog think that you already know (and if you don’t know, I’ll tell you), whoever writes to you is NOT a very good friend of this type of “vacation cities” , where beach bar leisure does not leave room for much more. For this reason, despite the fact that a few days of sun and swimming would not have hurt me, I quickly got tired of the sea breeze and went out in search of other plans. Was there something else to see in Agadir?

Without being too overwhelmed with figures, Agadir was founded by the Portuguese during the 16th century , but all the history it could have accumulated since then was thrown to the ground in the mid -1960s, when an earthquake shattered the city . And with it, all your possible cultural interest.

So quite a bit of credit has been given to the “people of Agadireños” for creating such an important city almost from scratch , in which there is even something to see beyond its beach.

The Agadir Mosques

It goes without saying that Morocco is a Muslim country in which, as such, mosques constitute the usual urban landscape of their populations . Although not for all I unsheathed my camera.

Door of the Mohamed V mosque in Agadir (Morocco)

But in Agadir, there were a few that made me raise my head from the ground, like the imposing Mohamed V mosque …

… and the central Loubnane .

In the latter I entertained myself for a long time trying to capture its essence from different angles .

The gardens of Agadir

Looking for information on what to do in Agadir, I browsed several pages that recommended taking a walk through some of the gardens of this city .

However, what I actually found were not gardens but parks, in the most everyday sense of the word. And although it is appreciated that this city has green spaces, it would not include them in any tourist route .

Agadir and its markets

What really caught my attention is the large number of markets in Agadir and the size of these …

… especially on Sundays , the busiest day in this regard.

A market that starts in the souk …

… but that continues inexhaustibly through many of the streets that surround this space.

There you can find everything from basic necessities …

… even anything.


Ancient Kasbah

I leave for the end the place that I liked the most of those I saw in Agadir . Ancient Kasbah is one of the few remnants of history left behind by the mid-20th century earthquake.

Although today there are only four destroyed walls along an immense dryland …

… from there you can access the best view of the city .

View of Agadir from the ancient Kasbah at sunset (Morocco)

And if you do it at sunset …

… and the night gives you one of the most impressive moons you have ever seen …

… success is assured. By the way, the old Kasbah is about a half hour walk from the Agadir Marina .

You will arrive in a taxi in no time, but make sure that the taxi driver sets the meter and does not fool you like I do. #% @ $ taxi drivers.

Taghazout, a charming coastal town

Although I wasn’t very excited about my visit to Agadir, half an hour from there is Taghazout , a town that I highly recommend taking a look at.

Although there are several agencies that offer private tours from Agadir, it is quite easy (and cheap) to get there by bus . Here you have the exact point of the station from where the buses to Taghazout leave. There you will have to take line 32 and, after half an hour and 7 dirhams, you will settle in the mentioned town.

Taghazout is one of many coastal towns blessed by its waves.

For years, this has become a regular destination for surfers , which has transformed its image as a fishing village.

Today it is still a land of fishermen …

… you only need to shop around the makeshift market that they ride on the beach to realize it.

But it is surfing that is putting it in the tourist’s eye.

Whatever your reason …

… It is worth spending a few hours in Taghazout …

… and discover how, in this small town …

… fishing and surfing go hand in hand.

There I was in the company of the good Mohamed, another sympathetic Moroccan couchsurfer who was encouraged to share his morning with me. Thanks for everything!

And here ended the first stage of my solo tour of Morocco. Agadir and Taghazout, Taghazout and Agadir. Two different ways of understanding the coast . Two different ways of understanding travel. Two great ways to start my solo trip in Morocco. I’m going to Essaouira .


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