After two and a half months, the dump ferry started operating on the Shimulia-Kanthalbari route


    Dump ferry on Shimulia-Kanthalbari route after two and a half months during a row and night ferry after two months of closure. Two ferries were operated experimentally on Sunday night.

    BIWTC AGM Shafiqul Islam said the dump ferry was reopened after two and a half months thanks to the naval crisis. However, not all dump ferries are still running. There are now 11 ferries in Shimulia. Of these, 5 small ferries and three dumps are running since Monday morning. There are 3 other ferries. they’re not getting to run yet.

    In addition, six were sent elsewhere, including four row-row ferries. Those ferries will now be brought back to Shimulia. He added that ferry traffic is predicted to return to normal within the next 8 to 10 days.

    The AGM said the ferries were now plying between the 38 and 39 poles of Jajira on the Padma Bridge within the alternative channel. rather than the previous 9 and a half kilometers, the ferries are now getting to Kanthalbari after crossing the road from Shimulia for about 14 kilometers. However, only small ferries will still run in the dark . Dump ferries will still be closed in the dark . New channels are being made with Hazra now.

    The people of 21 districts of the southern region, which are operating on the Shimulia-Kanthalbari route for an extended time, are suffering. Passengers are crossing the Padma at the danger of their lives by crowding in launches and speedboats. And there’s no chance to cross the Padma in the dark .


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