60 lakh time news YouTube channel


    The number of subscribers of the news channel YouTube channel has reached 8 million. The YouTube channel, which is at favorite among the news-based news channels within the TRP rankings, is additionally favorite within the country in terms of subscriptions.

    The channel reached a replacement milestone of 6 million subscriptions on Wednesday (November 4) around 12:15 pm Bangladesh time.

    This digital platform of Samay Television has been at the highest among the tv channels of the country in terms of subscribers in only 3 and a half years of its journey. then , the response to the thirst for information exceeded 20 lakh subscribers within a year.

    With this number of subscribers, not only the highest TV channels in Bangladesh, but also the international media Al Jazeera (Al Jazeera’s 6.4 million subscribers) has been left behind by the YouTube channel of your time News. However, BBC is ahead with 7.57 million, NDTV with 7.8 million and CNN with 11.1 million subscribers.

    The channel has previously won the Silver Button Award and later the Gold Button Award from YouTube in recognition of its success. it’s also garnered praise from YouTube for its rapid acceptance by more subscribers and viewers.

    Time Media Limited authorities would really like to thank and appreciate the subscribers, visitors and well-wishers for being partners during this success.


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